The Beauty Secrets Hidden In Your Fruit Bowl!

When it comes to looking after your body, there are lots of areas that can need a little bit more focus than others; our hair, skin, and nails. After all, did you know that these body parts are key indicators when it comes to reflecting our overall health? Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your damaged nails are the wide-open door showing everyone your bad health habits.

As we age, our body will start to show signs in different ways and places; with your hands and face falling victim first… so we must make sure we look after our skin correctly to try and avoid these fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots!

The truth is that most of our skin and hair hang-ups are due to a bad habit or simply just the victims of a bad lifestyle choice. Sometimes what we think is helping could actually be hindering our beauty needs. We have all spent hours with our hair wrapped around a hot curling iron or squashed between two scorching straightening plates – it is what we do to get the look that will make us feel better. Unfortunately, these bad habits are only causing issues, rather than helping, making your beauty life a lot harder.

Whether you’re eating them or physically applying them to your face or hair, your fruit bowl could have the answers to some of your biggest beauty hang-ups.


Those colorful green and purple branches sitting in your kitchen have some extraordinary qualities – not just that they taste amazing, but what they can do for your skin. Grapes naturally contain acid that can help aid exfoliation, helping to rid the old, dead skin that you no longer need. Every grape is packed with polysaccharides – a carbohydrate made from sugar molecules bound together – perfect for providing your vulnerable skin with much-needed moisture. Add a hand full of fresh grapes to a bowl and drop a teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture, along with a dash of baking powder and milk or yogurt. Once blended together, apply the mixture to your face and leave the grape mask for 10 – 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.  


If you’re someone who worries about dull skin, or if you know you’re a victim of darker, less bright skin, adding a few citrus fruits to your daily skin routine could help sort the problem. The natural acids in the fruits will exfoliate the skin and help brighten any pigmentation, along with the added bonus of the vitamin C acting as a natural antibacterial to help reduce unwanted blemishes. Using an orange, squeeze it into a bowl and gently rub the natural orange juice onto your skin. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off and continue with your normal beauty routine, repeat twice a week.


Now, biting down into a firm peach is amazing, but did you know the wonderful powers this sweet fruit contains? Packed with vitamin C, this fruit, when applied directly to your skin, can reduce the signs of pigmentation and uneven skin tones. Simply by mixing one peach with a few tablespoons of raw honey and natural yogurt, you can apply this homemade mask to your problem areas. The lactic acids found in the yogurt can act as a natural facial peel, removing dead skin cells while the honey provides the skin with a much-needed moisture advance. Leave on your body for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse off thoroughly, leaving your skin feeling and looking vibrant, youthful and radiant.


This sought-after fruit isn’t just amazing for nutrition and gaining healthy fats, it is also is the perfect secret weapon to give you luscious, hydrated locks. If you’re someone who suffers from dry, broken hair due to overexposure of heat, an avocado hair mask could be exactly what your damaged hair needs to repair, regenerate and revive. Using one avocado – or two depending on the length and thickness of your hair – blend into a paste, mixed with half a cup of milk and a few drops of olive oil. Smooth the mixture into your hair, from the roots, through to the ends and leave to sit for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and continue to shampoo as normal.


Now, this large spikey fruit could be the answer to all your acne or pimple problems. With high levels of vitamin C and packed with beneficial amino acids it means that the pineapple, when directly applied to your skin, can help heal, repair and renew damaged and problematic areas. This wonderful fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme that is known for helping to reduce swelling and inflammation, perfect for helping support your skin when it is suffering from a breakout. Mix a single slice of pineapple with natural yogurt and apply to your problem area(s). Rinse off and repeat three times a week to see some incredible results.  


Our nails can get a little forgotten and abused in our busy lives. We paint, clip, file and put hard acrylic and gel on them to look beautiful, but is any of that good for our fingertips? The answer is, no. That is where this small yellow fruit comes to the rescue! Our nails can get dry due to the little amount of natural oil our hands produce, resulting in tearing and breakages. With a few drops of lemon juice, you can whiten any yellow stains and add some moisture to your dry nails and nail bed. Simply soak your fingertips in warm water for a few minutes and then rub the lemon slice over your nail and nail bed.


We can all feel exhausted at times, but it isn’t nice when you look in the mirror and notice that you look just as tired as you feel. Our eyes can puff up and our skin can look as though it is lacking a radiant glow – not great. The potassium in a banana can help reduce fluid retention and vitamin A can smooth out your tired skin. Pop a banana in the fridge for an hour or two, until it is chilled and mash into a paste. Rub the cool fruit paste onto your skin, particularly around your under-eye area and live for 20 minutes, allowing the cooling temperature to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness and tired skin.

Final Thoughts 

Sometimes the best things in life are not what we expect…including how we can support our beauty, health, and wellbeing. Following the guide above, we can all naturally combat our beauty problems with something as accessible as your fruit bowl! Not only is it the more organic and natural option but it is extremely cost-effective, too. So, say goodbye to expensive drug store products and get yourself down the grocery aisle!  

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