The Benefits Of Using Eucalyptus Are Never Ending!

Eucalyptus oil is a popular ingredient in health and beauty products, and there must be a reason for this! Eucalyptus grows on trees and is famously native to Australia. It has been used throughout history for different reasons, all over the world, as a natural way of healing or curing physical ailments.

*Warning! Do not take eucalyptus orally as it can be poisonous.


Eucalyptus is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. This means that it can help cure you of the symptoms of common colds, flu, and fever. If you inhale the eucalyptus oil, using a diffuser or steam, the oil will loosen the phlegm and ease congestion. The simple enjoyment of breathing is restored! The anti-inflammatory element can reduce fever, and it has been known to be called “fever oil” for its ability to do this.


Another word for painkiller is analgesic, and that’s what eucalyptus oil can be. Along with its anti-inflammatory component, it can soothe pain and inflammation linked to ailments such as arthritis, joint pain or muscle injury. Find an ointment that has eucalyptus oil in, and rub into those painful parts, or inhale in steam.


When mixed with another essential oil, such as coconut oil or argan oil, eucalyptus oil can add to the moisturizing effect. Eucalyptus is a vasodilator, meaning it widens blood vessels and improves blood circulation. This stimulates hair follicles, strengthening and lengthening your hair, by encouraging the blood vessels to constrict.

If you find that you have an itchy scalp, eucalyptus oil is a natural itch relief, too! Not only that, but it is also an insecticide, so can get rid of any pesky head lice! Hair products for treating lice often feature eucalyptus in them.


To add to this, it is also an alternative bug repellent, due to its insecticide tendencies. DEET uses many chemicals, and its harmfulness to skin and the environment is debatable. Eucalyptus oil, if used correctly, can keep bugs away while doing no harm to you or your surroundings.*

*Use eucalyptus oil lightly, and mix with other ingredients, do not apply straight eucalyptus oil to the skin.


Eucalyptus oil is often found in mouthwashes and toothpaste because it is rich in cineole, an antiseptic that kills the bacteria that can cause bad breath. Not only that, but it has the potential to fight off plaque build-up and infections such as gingivitis.


These are just a few of the benefits of using eucalyptus oil, and if that isn’t enough for you to be in wonderment of eucalyptus’ power, here are a few more things it can help with. When used in lip balms it can get rid of cold sores, or in skin treatments can treat minor wounds and cuts, acne and boils. It can also cure fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Finally, it can stimulate your mind and body when inhaled, which gives you energy and relieves stress – it’s great for the mind as well as the body!

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