The Ultimate Routine For Healthy, Fungus-Free Feet

Our feet work hard every single day. They literally keep us going, so they deserve nothing less than some good tender loving care every now and then! It’s an easy and enjoyable task, but one that many of us neglect to do on a regular basis. The best way to treat your toes to the love they deserve is to adopt a regular at-home foot care routine that will leave your feet feeling refreshed – plus, they’ll look soft and smooth, so you don’t need to be afraid to get your sandals on this Spring!

Believe it or not, the state of your feet can have an effect on your overall physical health. Not taking care of them may result in blisters and calluses, which could get infected. These infections, if not treated, can be painful and damaging, leaving you unable to get around easily. With the pain of infection or cracked skin, you may find simple movement a challenge. If you find it difficult to walk properly, your posture and weight will suffer, which could even misalign your spine [i] (never a good thing!).  

Here is our easy and enjoyable at-home foot care routine for you to get your feet looking healthy and sexy.

1. Scrub & soak

When you’re in the shower, make sure you give your feet a nice scrub when they are warm and the skin is soft – I know it’s easy to skip past them when you’re in a rush, but it really will help! You can use foot scrubs or pumice stones for effective exfoliation of any areas of dry skin, and a moisturizing soap to ensure the skin is hydrated. Exfoliation is essential to having healthy feet, as it washes away the dry, dead skin that’s hiding the appearance of gorgeously soft feet! 

If you want to focus solely on your feet (no pun intended), you can make your own foot-soak bath at home, by using a large bowl or bucket and our incredible Foot Soak Bombs. Soak your feet in warm water and let these fizzing, nourishing bombs naturally moisturize and hydrate your feet. This will loosen the dead skin cells, making them easier to scrub off! Soak your feet for as long as you need to relax, and let the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic benefits of our foot-soak bombs give your feet the TLC they deserve!

2. Dry properly

One of the main reasons people develop fungus infections on their feet is because they don’t dry their feet properly. Something so simple can really impact the health of your feet! By leaving unwanted moisture on the feet, the fungus grows in between toes or underneath nails. Fungal infections can be extremely unpleasant, but affect a lot more of us than you may think! Of course, you can treat it, but I’m sure you’ll agree that preventing any infection is a better option, and with this easy routine you can make sure no infection finds any vulnerable space on your feet.

It’s quite easy to spot fungal infections on the nail – often there will be discoloration, with the nail turning yellow, brown or green, or white spots may appear on the nail. The density of the nail can change too, becoming thin, or even becoming thick and coming away from the toe [ii].

Athlete’s foot is another problem that occurs in people’s feet, and it can affect areas on the soles or between toes. If the infection is left untreated it may also result in a fungal infection on the nail. Athlete’s foot, also known as tingea fungus, can be contagious, so avoid walking on public floors with bare feet (such as in changing rooms). Another way of developing athlete’s foot is when feet are left wet for a long time, including when they’re sweaty, or can be caught by sharing socks or towels with an infected person.

Drying your feet properly after every shower, and avoiding infected objects, will help prevent you from developing these nasty infections on your precious tootsies!

3. Lather them up, baby!

For feet that are softer than a baby’s bottom – or at least smooth – buy a foot moisturizer that promises to heal the cracked skin we often find on our feet. Lather your feet with your chosen moisturizer, rub it in, and let your skin absorb it up. The best way to keep the moisture in is by slipping on a pair of socks afterward.

You may decide that doing the whole routine before bed is the best opportunity to get the most out of it. Creaming up just before bed will let the moisture sink into the skin, without being disrupted by much movement of the feet as you walk about.

For great results, try our Heel Defend cream! It will leave your feet feeling and smelling divine, with its use of natural ingredients such as chamomile and tea tree oil helping to heal and repair the dry, cracked skin on your feet. It won’t disappoint – it keeps foot fungus at bay, and soothes and relieves the pain of cracked heels.

4. Powder down before town

If you have completed your routine before leaving the house, or you want to keep skin dry all day anyway, this will help.

The final stage to having the sexiest feet possible is to cover them in powder. You can use a plain powder like baby powder, or you can use baking soda. Weird right? Well, baking soda is a great absorber of excess moisture, which as we now know, helps to keep fungal infections away!

By powdering the feet, you’ll find that foot odor will be a thing of the past! The powder dries up sweat – imagine how fresh your feet will smell without the stench of sweat trapped in your socks!

Final thoughts

People will on average take around 7,000 steps a day, and even more depending on jobs and lifestyle! If you add that up to weeks and months’ worth of walking, that’s a lot of work your poor feet are doing. There is a reason why people pamper themselves – it makes you feel good! The heels, balls, and toes of your feet are vulnerable to pain and infection when they’re neglected, and if either becomes extreme, it can impact your overall health! Give yourself a break, you deserve it!






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