The Weirdest Side-Effects Of Sleeping Pills

It’s a well-known fact that sleep is magic (kind of). Not only does it feel great when you get enough of it, but not getting enough can seriously put you at risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, not to mention the dark circles under your eyes. So, are we getting enough of it? As it turns out, insomnia is affecting around 50-70 million American adults and they often turn to sleeping pills to remedy it. 

Zolpidem is the most popular sleeping pill in America, but you might also know it as Ambien. In 2011 40 million Ambien prescription were put through. And this doesn’t include the hundreds of sleeping aids on the market, including Nytol and Sominex (not to mention the highly addictive Benzodiazepine sedative hypnotic class of sleeping pills).

So amongst the usual side-effects of taking sleeping pills, such as drowsiness and the effect it can have on your memory long term, here are some of the weirdest side-effects you can suffer if you start taking sleeping pills. 

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There have been reports from people taking sleeping pills, especially Ambien, that they’ve woken up covered in food wrappers and their fridge empty…


If you’re suffering from sleeplessness down to restless leg syndrome, you’ll normally be prescribed dopamine agonists. But you could find yourself waking up with a gambling problem. In 2005, a Mayo Clinic study found that there were 11 cases of sudden gambling addictions reported by patients taking dopamine agonists, and another three reported in the 2007 study. Weird. 


Some pill poppers have reported they’ve been bidding on multiple items on eBay or just internet shopping and waking up to some eye watering bills! Sleep-shopping is definitely a thing! 

Brown pee and yellow eyes?

This is an early sign of liver problems, which has been linked to Kava, a natural sleep aid. So keep an eye out for these symptoms!

There are also a few other symptoms to watch out for...


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