These 6 Awful Habits Are Destroying Your Nails!

Stretching your hands out on a tabletop and seeing beautiful, manicured nails feels great, right? We all love to treat ourselves to the odd mani-pedi, or pop to the drug store and buy a new color to apply to our freshly shaped nails. It feels amazing and can be a real confidence booster to know that your nails are looking gorgeous.

So, if we all love our nails looking nice, polished and manicured, why do we find ourselves doing things that are harmful and damaging to them? Let’s face it, we can all admit to having a few bad habits when it comes to our nails, whether it is biting, picking or over polishing, we can all put our hands up and say “guilty”.

1. Biting

It doesn’t matter how old you are, biting your nails is probably one of the most common bad habits. Whether it began due to nerves, stress or because you didn’t have any nail clippers available, biting your nails in an incredibly common habit. Chewing down your fingertips has more implications to bad nail health - not just looking unsightly. The more your bite your nails, the higher chances you have of creating ridges and bumps, which will cause visual issues in the future.

Let’s take a moment to realize the amount of dirt that can get caught under your nail as well. Every time your mouth goes around your fingertips and you chomp down, you’re effectively eating the dirt and bacteria under your nails, too. It is not good for your nail health or your stomach either.

How To Break The Habit?

The best way to get yourself to stop chewing on those nails is to paint them. When your nails are looking well-manicured and coated in paint, the last thing you will want to do it take a bite out of them. Take a moment to try and understand when and why you bite your nails. If it is due to stress, try and find new ways of reducing your stress levels without harming your nails.

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2. Picking Nail Polish

When you notice that your nail polish is starting to chip, it can be extremely tempting to pull or pick the rest off, right? And, then once one nail is polish free, you have to pick the rest off too, otherwise, you'll have 9 painted and one naked?! When you pull and pick the polish off, you could also be pulling away layers of your nail, resulting in large dips, grooves, and bumps on the surface. As the layers of nail rip apart, you will be left with white rip marks, looking unsightly and extremely unhealthy for your nail quality. 

How To Break The Habit?

This one is simple – the best way to break this habit is to invest in some nourishing nail polish remover. When you feel the urge to pick your polish off, think about the negative effects it will have on your nail health and, instead, add some nail polish remover to your fingertips. Although it is easier and cheaper to pick the polish off yourself, your nails will not forgive you for it!

3. Gel Obsession

Gel polish will always last longer than your standard drug store polish. Although gel is a much better option for your nails than acrylic, it can still bring its own complications if you’re continuously having the gel polish applied to your nails. Just like with picking off nail polish, when you try to remove gel from your nails, you will do some serious damage if not taken off correctly. Picking the gel off will only leave your nails weaker as you pull off multiple layers.

How To Break The Habit?

Our advice for breaking this habit is to simply avoid getting your nails done with gel every time. Mixing up your salon visits will really help your nails stay healthy and strong. If you reduce your gel usage and spend in a few weeks using normal polish (only removing with nail polish remover) you will notice that your nails retain their shape, health and will look and feel better.

A great way to help your nails regain their strength is to apply a serum to support their health, growth, and strength. Our Nail Guardian has been expertly formulated to revive broken and damaged nails back to their original beauty. Made from 100% ethically sourced. Natural ingredients, this serum will improve the look and health of your nails in as little as 4 weeks.

4. Use The Right Nails For The Job!

When there is a label that needs to be pulled off, or you need to add another key to your key ring, the first thing you will do is use your nails. Not only will this damage your nail length, as you will be more prone to a break, but you could also seriously damage your nail bed. The more scraping and scratching you do to hard objects, the weaker your nails will become.

How To Break The Habit?

Invest in tools that are made to help aid you when trying to twist, squeeze and pop things open. Biologically, we do have nails for the purpose of digging and foraging, but in this 21st-century modern world, we can use tools to help us, reducing the damaging effects on our fingertips!

5. Cuticle Removal

Your cuticles can go through a really rough deal, especially when you get a manicure at the salon. They are seen as an unwanted addition to your nails and should be removed before applying polish, gel or acrylic. A cuticle is simply a layer of skin that can grow onto the bottom edge of your nail, protecting the new nail from contracting an infection via bacteria as they grow.

When you pick, bite or cut them off, you can leave your cuticles looking dry, uneven and ragged. They can flare up which will only encourage more temptation to pick them off. The more you remove, the more vulnerable your nails will be to infection; damaging the nail and affecting future growth.

How To Break The Habit?

Instead of picking and cutting your cuticles away, a good alternative is to soak your fingertips in a cuticle remover solution. That way your nails will be left undamaged and the health of your nail regrowth untouched. Although it can be hard to stop yourself from picking at your cuticles, just remember the damage and infections you could cause yourself… it’s not worth it.

6. Unhealthy Diet

Your nails can tell you a lot about what you’re putting into your body! So after a while, every bite of that junk food and every sip of that coffee will begin to show signs on your nails. A high-sugar and high-fat diet can increase your chances of developing ridges on your nails. They will begin to grow thinner and weaker, meaning the slightest knock would break your nail, leaving them unsightly and unhealthy.

How To Break The Habit?

Eating right and looking after your body is a must. Try to avoid the sweet, sugary treats and the coffee – neither are doing your body or nails any favors! If your body is being fuelled with the right nutrition, your nails will reflect this change in your diet. Incorporate leafy greens and foods packed with vitamins into your diet – making sure you also drink plenty of water! Ditch the coffee and have a glass of H2O instead.

Final Thoughts

If you know that you are guilty of doing any of the above habits, try to follow our advice on how you can stop. The sooner you stop, the healthier your nails will be and the less damage you will cause to your nail growth. The last thing you want is to know that your habit has caused your nails to grow uneven, ridged and broken. Break these habits and before you know it, your fingertips will be gorgeous!  

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