Top Bedroom Trends for 2018

Most adults spend, on average, a third of their day in bed. Your sleep environment can have a huge impact on your mood, ability to sleep, and rate in which you relax. From the colours on the wall, to the quality of your mattress, your sleep sanctuary should be welcoming, relaxing and comforting to promote better sleep.

So if you think your boudoir could do with an overhaul, here are some top trends for 2018 you can follow to create a luxury room you WANT to settle down in.

1. Four-Poster Beds

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you own. You spend every night in it, and it can play a huge role in how well you sleep. An upcoming trend for renovations this year is the four-poster bed – luxurious, inviting and stylish, the four-poster can add a touch of romantic charm to a room. Modern designs are a lot cleaner and neater than their grand, wooden predecessors, and we recommend a sleek frame like these for the best versatility:

2. Blue & Gray Colour Schemes

Blue is becoming more and more popular as a bedroom colour, thanks to its calming and tranquil effect. Paired with fresh whites and grays, variations of navies and teals can create the perfect sleeping environment. Complemented by woods and natural fibres like wicker, it echoes the colours of nature itself.

3. Wood & Natural Materials

As previously mentioned, a strong emerging trend is around the use of natural materials like wood, wool, wicker and cork. By adding some organic touches to your bedroom, you can create a soothing and rustic looking environment.

4. Copper Accessories

Copper has been a huge trend in recent months, and it’s striking colour and versatility has creeped into 2018. From lamps to accessories, adding a touch of copper to a room will create a Nordic-style feel with an industrial edge. Copper can add a touch of color to an otherwise plain room.

5. Chunky Throws

Knitted throws and chunky blankets are really popular this year, creating a comforting and warming feel to your bedroom. They can add a color pop to your room, or tie-in with an existing theme, but either way are a welcome addition to help you snuggle down to sleep town.

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