Top Sleep Buzzwords – How Many Do You Know?

Buzzwords aren’t just something you hear in the boardroom, these trending texts are floating around the bedroom, too! Here are the top 5 Sleep Buzzwords for 2018…

1. Clean Sleep

Not a reference to freshly washed bedding, but an offshoot of the popular ‘Clean Eating’ phenomenon that’s taken the health world by storm. ‘Clean Sleeping’ is a new phrase to describe a stripped-back sleeping schedule; no sleeping pills, no noise machine, just closing your eyes and naturally drifting off.

“Clean Sleeping is just sleeping the way it was intended to be – no pills or gimmicks – just natural resting,” says Chris, Organica CEO, “by falling into a natural sleep, our bodies will ensure we’re getting an adequate quality of rest.”

2. Coffee Napping

Sounds like an oxymoron, but Coffee Napping could actually help you to rest better. Timed correctly, drinking coffee before a short nap can help you wake up more alert than just taking a regular nap. The alertness-boost of caffeine peaks about 30 minutes after it’s consumed; if you nap for 20-30 minutes, the stimulant gives you an extra jolt around the time you wake up!

3. Bed in a Box

The Box Bed trend has soared recently, with brands like Eve and Casper advertising on TV and social media, boasting the best mattress you’ll ever buy, delivered straight to your door like a pizza! The younger market, and those who are familiar with online shopping, love the convenience of this ‘touch of a button’ idea, and most companies offer a 90-day money back guarantee for you to test the mattress out!

4. Blue-Light Exposure

If you’re prone to scrolling your smartphone in bed, chances are you’re exposed to too much ‘blue light’, or the glare from the screen.

“Even if you’ve reduced the brightness of your screen, your phone will still be emitting blue light,” says Chris, Organica CEO, “it suppresses the amount of melatonin we produce, the hormone we need to fall asleep.” Try downloading an app which filters the blue light, or opt for a good old paper book in bed, rather than your phone!

5. Sleep Tech

From apps to wearable sleep trackers, Sleep Tech is not so much of a buzzword, and more of an entire industry! The good news is, many sleep gadgets are affordable, and can tell us a lot about how much sleep we’re getting, and how to improve it. The bad news? Many sleep trackers and apps aren’t extremely accurate, and can actually lead us to obsessing over our sleep, and in turn, making us sleep worse!

So there are your 5 sleep buzzwords. Learn them, live them, love them! By trying just a few of these things, you could improve how much sleep you get, as well as the quality of your shut-eye!

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