Try This Hot Lavender and Chamomile Drink to Send You to Sleep!

When you’re struggling to sleep, nothing seems more appealing that a warm mug of milky tea. But if you want an even more effective way to catch forty winks, why not try this calming concoction of blueberries, chamomile and lavender to send you snoring straight away!


3 tablespoons freeze-dried blueberries

2 teaspoons dried chamomile flowers

1 teaspoon dried lavender buds

1/2 cup vanilla hemp/soy/almond milk, gently heated and foamed


  1. Pop the blueberries, chamomile, and lavender into a small, heatproof bowl and add 3/4 cup boiling water. Stir for five minutes until the water starts to turn a deep purple and the juices/oils have infused.
  2. Strain into a mug, pressing ingredients with the back of a spoon to extract all the color and flavor.
  3. Add hot milk (or milk alternative), and sweeten to taste, if desired. 


  • Blueberries are a slow-burning carb, full of antioxidants and B Vitamins which are key for the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin reduces anxiety and calms us down.
  • Chamomile provides a natural sedative effect, due to its high levels of the flavonoid, apigenin. It’s best to consume around 60 minutes before bed.
  • Lavender is synonymous with sleep, and creates a soothing and calming effect in the brain, helping our muscles relax and our brains switch off.

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