Use This No. 1 Trick and Set Your Natural Body Clock for Sleep

Use This No. 1 Trick Before Bed and Set Your Natural Body-Clock for Sleep!

Did you know that the first stage of your body’s natural preparation for sleep actually begins before your head hits the pillow? It turns out that your body actually makes preparations for sleep around 1-2 hours before you’ve begun your own conscious bedtime routine. Best of all, according to a study done by the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical, you can hack the process all by yourself, sending your body on its way to a blissful night’s sleep precisely when it suits you best.

Triggering Sleep…

By soaking in a hot tub or taking a hot shower for 20 minutes, the temperature of your body can rise by 1-2 degrees (toasty). Whilst most of you are probably imagining that it’s this period of time that is key to this sleep-inducing routine – it is, in fact, the period after you’re out of the water that your body begins dialling down for sleep; the rapid cool-down period immediately after your bath shower is what triggers your body's natural sleep preparation process to begin - think human hibernation.

How does that happen?

Well, whilst you'd be inclined to think of 'normal body temperature' to be around 98.6, it's actually the case that your temperature fluctuates by a couple degrees during the day. Rising from early morning, and then reversing and falling by late afternoon. When your temperature is on the rise, you’re most likely to feel alert and when it’s falling, you’re likely to feel drowsy.

Timing is everything!

So I have a hot bath, get straight into bed right and enjoy an amazing night’s sleep right? Wrong! The journey to sleep is a long one. Whilst you can stimulate the process to start when you want, remember that it still takes the body at least 60-90 minutes to get to where it wants to be before its ready for sleep. It’s therefore recommended that you schedule your soak (bath or shower) roughly two hours before bed so that your body is ready for sleep when you are (60-90 minutes after your bath/shower).

Make the most of your time…

And to make even more of this time, as we all know how precious our time is, why not not also take a few moments to quiet that racing mind so that as soon as your sleepy head finally does hit that pillow, all that mind-chatter is chattered-out. For more on quieting the mind-chatter, check out our last blog.

For now though, why not start by going over your day; what went well, what didn’t and perhaps what you can do to change that for the better. What are you thankful for? What are you looking forward to? And what are you probably already over-stressing about that can wait until tomorrow?

So next time you go to the store, make sure to buy yourself some sumptuously scented bath foam. After all, it’s for your health…and that's non-negotiable. 

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