What Working Late Is Doing To Your Body

The 40-hour work week is a thing of the past for some people, with the pressure of the workplace closing in on our daily lives. At first, it may seem like those extra hours are worth it, and you want to be seen to be a hard worker. However, the effects of working long hours can have a detrimental impact on you, your work, your health, and your lifestyle.


Have you ever heard of burning out? This is becoming an all too common feature of the modern day workplace and the people in it. Working those extra hours to get more work done is probably making you less productive at work. Nobody is superhuman, and your brain gets tired. Losing hours of sleep and overworking the brain will make the quality of your work worse. You’re stressed about work, and your work is suffering, so you’re more stressed. It’s a horrible cycle! The effects of stress on the body are damaging – increased blood pressure, weakened immune system, tired looking skin, and notably its disruption on your sleep. Sleep is essential to good health, so make sure you sleep without distractions and are able to relax.


Sitting at a desk alone can affect your health. Standing burns 50 more calories an hour than sitting, and if you’re snacking regularly, you may well be consuming a lot more calories than you’re losing. Studies show that daily sitting for long periods of time can increase your risks of heart disease, and of getting type 2 diabetes.

Sitting at a desk can also damage your posture – by arching your back over a keyboard and straining your neck, your spine can misshape. There is also the danger of developing deep vein thrombosis. You could argue that exercising at the gym could counteract some of the risks, but research suggests that the effect of sitting in one place for hours on end can’t be undone. However regular movement can help. If you are working long hours at a desk, remember to get up on your feet and move about when you can!


Have you ever found yourself having to cancel on plans with friends because you’re stuck at the office? Spending more hours in the office in the evenings will give you less time to be social and do leisurely activities you find enjoyment in. Your happiness may inevitably decline, and could even lead to depression. Depression can weaken the immune system, and make a person more prone to substance abuse. Don’t underestimate the power of some time out with a loved one, it can do wonders for you!


Long hours and overworking are highly correlated with stress, so finding ways of taking your mind off work will undoubtedly benefit your mind! The health risks linked to stress and depression can be damaging, as well as the physical effect of sitting down for too long. You also need to keep your blood circulation up, which gives you the excuse to take a coffee break. Self-care is the key to a happy mind and a happy body. De-stress and unwind with the power of nature – thanks to our best-selling Rest Range. Including Dream Lotion, Pure Rest Roller and Sweet Dreams Shower Jelly

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