Why CBD Oil Is Changing The Way You Wear High Heels

If you’ve ever worn heels for any given amount of time, you’ll know how painful they can be. The pulsing toes, the achy arches, and not to mention the constant pressure on the balls of your feet! They may look the part, but high-heels HURT!

In recent months, it’s come to light that CBD oil can actually help with the aches and pains of heeled shoes! This popular hemp derivative has been known to reduce anxiety, help with pain relief, and aid better sleep... But does it really work for tired toes?

During the 2019 Golden Globes, Erica Cloud, a stylist for a few of the stars, has been using and recommending CBD oil for sore feet when wearing high heels. If it's good enough for the Red Carpet...

But we have a few questions!

How does it work?

When it’s applied directly on to the skin, CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream. It then works to provide a significant reduction in local pain and inflammation, helping that aching feeling in the balls of your feet, and keeping you dancing all night long!

Is it psychoactive?

 No, CBD oil isn't psychoactive, which means you can't get high using it! It's perfectly safe to use and has no addictive properties (unless you count the addiction to pain-free feet!) 

How does it work?

There hasn't been a huge amount of research into it, but what's apparent is that CBD oil, when applied topically, is readily absorbed into the bloodstream and works to fight inflammation and pain, easing that aching feeling heels give you. The pain relief won't work against sharper pains, such as blisters and rubbing, but it will certainly help the balls of your feet feel a little lighter so you can keep dancing all night. 

Is there a difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from marijuana?

Generally not, no. Cannabinoids are the same whether they’re from a Marijuana or a hemp plant. The only difference is that Marijuana has a high concentration of THC but a lower concentration of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids and Hemp has a high concentration of CBD but a lower concentration of other cannabinoids.

Is it safe to use? And are there any side effects?

It’s safe to use as it’s not psychoactive, has no lethal dose and has no abuse potential. But before you use CBD oil you should consult with a physician!

Final Thoughts

Generally, CBD oil can be used anywhere you experience muscular or joint pain, such as your lower back or legs. Because it’s able to penetrate through the skin and into the bloodstream, it works effectively as an anti-inflammatory! And if anything can stop that awful feeling you get after dancing late into the night, we'll take it!

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