Why You Should Never Use Your Phone As An Alarm Clock

If I asked for a show of hands of how many of you use your smartphone as your alarm clock, on average, 60-70% of you will raise your arms…

That’s a lot of people.

But I admit, I do it too! It’s hard not to when your whole life is on one small device. It seems the easy option, the no-brainer, but that could be because I’ve not stopped to look for a better alternative?

We’ve mentioned in several blogs about the negative impact technology has on our sleeping patterns, both physically and mentally. Could now be the time to ditch the smartphone wake-ups and invest in an old-school alarm clock instead?

I tried it for a few weeks and noticed that:

I fall asleep quicker.
I stay asleep all night.
I have fewer headaches.
I feel more relaxed.


    Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch your smartphone alarm, and what to use instead!

    1. It’s Not Even A Good Alarm!

    Above all else, the effectiveness of your alarm is the most important feature - it’s ability to wake you up! Phones can’t always emit a loud enough noise, and the tones are usually quite repetitive and annoying. Instead, why not try a radio alarm that plays your favorite station, or a natural light/noise alarm like this body-clock Sunrise & Sunset alarm system.

    2. The Blue-Light Temptation

    When your phone is in close proximity to your bed, it’s surprising how tempting a late night Twitter scroll can be. Staring at a glowing screen can have a huge impact on your brain’s ability to shut down, as the blue light emitted keeps us alert and unable to switch off. Most sleep specialists advise at least an hour of screen-free time before bed for this reason.

    3. What A Turn Off

    Reaching for your phone to turn off your alarm means you’re more likely to check emails, scroll social media and read the news, as well as just hitting snooze. This can make your mornings feel rushed and stressful, especially if the emails are work related. Instead, give yourself some time to wake up and adjust to your day with some stretching or light meditation.

    4. 3 am Facebook Stalking Is Not A Good Idea

    If you’re prone to waking up during the night, it’s not the best idea to have an endless resource of entertainment in arm’s reach. This temptation to scroll or check your apps will stop you from drifting back off, and will actually make your sleep pattern worse. Try leaving a book or journal by your bed to note down any immediate ideas or night-time worries. This will help you stay relaxed and make it easier to get back to sleep.

    5. Don’t Let Your Phone Be A Third Wheel

    There’s nothing worse than letting your phone get between some much-needed intimacy in the bedroom. Too many couples bring their phones to bed, and lay side by side scrolling through social media rather than talking about their day or having a cuddle. If you’re spending more time on your phone that in the arms of your partner… it’s time to change that habit!

    Our Thoughts…

    Overall, although smartphones can hugely benefit many aspects of our daily routine, we think that your morning wake-up isn’t one of them. The temptation to use your phone in bed is far too detrimental on your sleep than you may realize. Try going back to basics and keeping your bedroom as a screen-free zone. You may find your sleep improves, your mood lifts, and your relationships gain from it!

     Give it a go and let us know what you think.

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