Workouts to Wear You Out! Sleep Better With These Exercises

Nutrition and mental health play a huge part in how well we sleep, but wearing our bodies out physically can also aid the speed in which we fall asleep at night, as well as how deep the slumber is. Our bodies are built to move and use up energy, so if you find yourself struggling to shut-off, it could be because there’s still fuel in your tank at the end of the day.

Try these research-backed workouts to help you drift off faster, and get a more restorative night’s sleep.

Bodyweight Exercises:

As you exercise, your body temperature rises, and then you cool down quickly once you rest. This cycle of temperature regulation actually helps us to fall asleep, as it mimics the body’s natural sequence before sleep. By focusing on slow but deliberate bodyweight exercises like press ups, crunches, leg raises and lunges, your heart rate (and therefore body temperature) will increase enough to trigger this cyclical change.

Try this circuit to begin with:

10 Press Ups

10 Lunges On Each Leg

10 Crunches

10 Leg Raises On Both Sides

Cardio Exercises:

Cardio is well-known for its benefit to our heart, lungs and overall health, but it can help you sleep, too! Brisk walking, jogging cycling and swimming are all examples of cardio exercises will help you use up your excess energy stores. Even just 10 minutes a day, preferably around 2 hours before bed, will help you tire your body into a deep sleep.

Try a 15-minute power walk or slow jog after work in the evenings, 3 times a week, and see if this helps you improve any insufferable insomnia.

Yoga & Stretching Exercises:

Yoga is the perfect pre-bedtime exercise that can be done by anyone, at any age, with any fitness level. Even the basic stretches can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and induce a sleepy state. By engaging your muscles, stretching out any tension from your day, and focusing on calming thoughts, yoga can help with a magnitude of sleep troubles.

Try these simple stretches to begin with by clicking here.

Breathing Exercises:

I know that ‘breathing’ doesn’t often spring to mind when you’re planning a workout, but focusing on your breathing has been proven to really help with sleep difficulties. This method of meditation may not get your heart racing, but it will help you to relax, unwind and feel in a better place to sleep.

Try this simple breathing exercise and see if it can help you relax:

Inhale for 3 counts.

Hold your breath for 2 counts.

Exhale slowly for 4-5 counts.

You want the exhale to be longer than your inhale. Focus on filling your stomach with the inhale so that your lungs and diaphragm take in as much oxygen as possible.

Repeat this 8 times.


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