Your Morning-To-Night Routine To Help You Sleep Quicker

There are a lot of things that can affect how we sleep, starting right from when we wake up, through all of our daily actions, to our night-time routine. So instead of focusing on what you can do at bed-time to wind down, we want to share what little changes you can make throughout your day to help you relax and switch off of an evening! 


Get moving in the morning 

Exercising in the morning means you can decrease your cortisol (stress) levels for up to 12 hours. A quick cardio blast before your day begins will not only help you feel more awake, but more relaxed, too! Appalachian State University’s study showed that people who do 30 minutes of moderate cardio in the morning fall asleep quicker at night, sleep for longer and spend up to 75% more time in deep sleep than those who exercise later in the day. So it's definitely worth changing up your exercise routine! 

See The Light

To make the mornings a little easier, make sure you’re exposed to natural sunlight within the first five minutes of waking up (which is obviously harder to do in winter, but try and see some sunlight as soon as you can!). This signals to your body that it’s morning, and will make waking up that bit easier.

This is also important to keep in mind throughout the day, too. A study by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that workers who were exposed to daylight throughout the day had on average 46 minutes more sleep than their day light-deprived colleagues. So even if your office isn’t great for sunlight, try to get outside on your lunch break.

Carb Load

Carbs will cause a spike in insulin, helping you sleep faster at night. Just don’t eat it right before you plan to sleep, as trying to digest food while you’re lying down won’t help. Aim to carb up for your evening meal, at least a couple of hours before you head for bed. 

Reschedule Your Shower

Although a morning shower can help wake you up, it’s beneficial to have your shower on an evening, instead. It will help you wind down, and prepare for bed.



Get in the Zone

A good way to get in the zone before bed is to practice meditation or yoga. For some yoga tips, head over to our previous blogs on the 6 Yoga Poses You Can Do Before Bed Tonight. It'll really help calm and relax both your body and mind, and by doing to, you'll be asleep in no time. 

Play a Lullaby

Some studies have suggested that listening to a specific type of music can help you unwind and fall asleep quicker. Songs with a continuous rhythm of 60 beats per minute can help relax your mind.

Try Our Dream Lotion 

Our Dream Lotion has already helped thousands of people cut out sleeping pills and naturally improve their sleep. With lavender and soothing oatmeal, the lotion will help your mind and body relax and wind down at the end of the day and get you to sleep faster. It'll also improve the quality of sleep, with a lot of our customers waking up less throughout the night! Because the easiest way to get your Circadian rhythm on track is by going to bed early and keeping that same bedtime for as long as you can!  

Check Your Mattress

The key to a great night’s sleep lies with the quality of your mattress. To do a quick check, simply lie on your back and slide both your hands into the hollow of your back. If it’s really easy to do, the bed is most likely too hard and you’re putting pressure on your hips and shoulders when you sleep. If it’s too hard, it means your mattress is probably too soft and isn’t giving your back the support it needs.

To Sock or Not to Sock?

It’s also very important to regulate your temperature when you sleep. Studies have shown that wearing socks in bed can up your odds of falling asleep. This is because cold feet need more heat from your core, upsetting the natural release of melatonin, the hormone which controls when you sleep and when you wake up.

The Bottom Line 

Things throughout your day, even what you do when you wake up, has an effect on how well you sleep. Making sure your body knows when it's time to wake up and fall asleep (through sunlight on a morning, and avoiding computer screens on an evening) will control your melatonin levels and help you sleep when you need to!

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