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Rejuvenate weak and brittle nails with this natural healing serum for nails.

  • Formulated by experts to help revive damaged or weak nails, as well as help cure toenail fungus.
  • Made from 100% ethically sourced, natural ingredients.
  • Can improve the look and feel of weak, brittle nails through its healing antioxidant properties.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Contains Tea Tree To Fight Nail Fungus
  • Uses Lavender Oil To Nourish Weak Nails
  • Formulated By Experts To Protect Your Nails
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Made in USA, Natural, Vegan, cruelty-free, PARABEN-FREE & SULFATE-FREE

Our powerful blend of natural ingredients have been carefully selected to strengthen and revive nails, and treat most common nail ailments.

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How The Oil Works

What’s In Our Serum?


Premium Tea Tree Oil

Actively fights against nail fungus and other bacterial infections. Builds immunity against future ailments.


Eucalyptus Oil

Strengthens the nail bed for better growth and stability. Keeps the nail length from breaking or peeling.


Lavender Oil

Helps cure brittleness, cracks and ridges while also nourishing and strengthening nails.


Jasmine & Lemongrass Oil

Hydrates the skin and helps prevent nail damage occurring. A natural moisturiser for your cuticles.


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Jerry F. Verified purchase

I absolutely love this product. I have used it in multiple ways.  What a big difference it made for my naila. Wow!!!

Jane W. Verified purchase

This is THE BEST nail care product ever.....
I have used many treatments but this works the moment you luxuriate in it! 

Helen B. Verified purchase

This product is amazing for your nail, I had spent tons of money on other oils, but no more! You must try this.

Mary L. Verified purchase

This stuff really works! ! So many uses and a little goes a long way.

Chris S. Verified purchase

Love this product! Smell is pleasant. I only use on my hands and ocassionally on my feet. I just started using, I don't use it everyday, and already cuticles and hands feel great.

Chad E. Verified purchase

Smells great. Feels good. Just got it so will see how I feel in a few weeks. Works great on my weak nails..

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