Pure Energy

Aromatherapy Roll-On

Pure Energy

Aromatherapy Roll-On

  • Scientifically formulated to help boost energy levels, increase focus & kick-start your day.
  • Made with plant-based ingredients proven to fight the effects of fatigue.
  • Can relieve tension and stress & promote a refreshed feeling.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Contains Bergamot & Jojoba To Boost Energy
  • Uses Organge Oil To Improve Blood Flow
  • Scientifically Formulated To Kickstart Your Day
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hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, PARABEN-FREE & SULFATE-FREE

A powerful natural energy boost, perfectly pocket-sized to help you feel energized on the go

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What's Inside Pure Energy Blend?


Orange Oil

Known to improve blood flow and fight hypertension, breathe in that zest for life again and feel great at 3pm.


Grapefruit Peel Oil

Kick afternoon sugar cravings, beat stress, uplift your mood & soothe your mind - yes - it’s a wonder oil!


Bergamot Oil

Feel confident & enhance your mood. Improved circulation creates a feeling of joy, freshness and zest for life - feel good!


Jojoba Oil

The perfect carrier oil for our energizing essential oils - moisturize your skin without greasiness or pore-clogging.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy from Organica. And if you're not entirely happy with your purchase we will refund your money in full, or exchange the goods. All we ask is that you contact our customer services and then return the lotion back to us.


We estimate our FREE deliveries should take 3 - 5 days with USPS or UPS. However, there can be delays and it has been known to take up to a week! Please let us know if your purchase has taken longer than this and we will chase up USPS on your behalf.

Why Do People Love Our Roller?

Abbey J. Verified purchase

This scent is GORGEOUS and it's a great little pick-me-up for on the go.

Isabella W. Verified purchase

This is a great product. I would recommend.

Grace B. Verified purchase

This product has a nice, subtle scent and feels good being applied. 

Mary L. Verified purchase

It makes me feel really good - I love the scent too! Definitly recommend.

Peter S. Verified purchase

Fabulous scent - really lifts my mood mid-afternoon.

Chad E. Verified purchase

Great product - great for a little boost towards the end of the day.

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