If like most women, you’ve learned to deal with your eyebrows by covering them with heaps of makeup instead of owning them, well, you’re not alone. A huge 43.7% of American women state that they are uncomfortable with the “thickness, shape or fullness” of their brows. This led us to do some award-winning hunting to find the internets best natural tips for growing thick, beautiful brows.

1) Try The Indian Eye Brow Massage

What many people don’t realize, is that one of the most important factors for hair grows in hair cells is that they must have sufficient blood flow in order to develop. By gently massaging your brows, you can stimulate blood circulation which in turn can bring more nutrients to your eyebrows.

The most effective method is to take a deep breath in and press your thumbs to the inside of your brows, hold for three seconds then slowly push out your thumbs to the ends of your brows, exhaling slowly as you do so.

2) The Eggy Eye Brow Mask

Eggs may sound like a surprising feature but in reality, this delicious breakfast food is packed full of protein, biotin and essential minerals like selenium and phosphorus which can act to strengthen the shafts of your hair.

We recommend using eggs whites as using the whole egg can cause grease. Mix two egg white in a bowl until thoroughly mixed then with a brush or your fingers, massage into your eyebrows, leave for 20 minutes and wash out.

3) Castor Oil (100% Organic)

Pure organic Castor oil (also know as ricinus communis) has been known to be used by the super-rich for centuries as “one of the most valued hair growth oils”. It’s unique combination of vitamin E and Omega fatty acids make it one of nature's most powerful brow thickeners.

However, the issue with Castor oil is that many brands today use cheap filler oil so they can sell at a cheaper price. Luckily the Organica 100% Verified Castor Oil has been tried and tested for its content, nothing but high quality Castor oil!

4) Onion Juice 

We know what you’re thinking, “onion juice, near my eyes?” We thought that too until we tried it. It turns out that onion juice contains sulfur that improves the production of collagen tissues required for proper eyebrow growth. Who knew?

Grind one small onion, apply to the brows and wait for the juice to dry then wash off. We suggest doing this one in the shower!

4) Apply The Brilliant Rosehip Oil 

Rosehip oil is without a doubt one of nature's most effective oils for locking in moisture but it goes one step further. The oil is also an excellent source of fatty acids which work in a unique way. Once the oil is massaged into the skin, it incredibly heals dead follicles!

Important Note: Make sure any Rosehip oil you buy is 100% cold pressed. Many oil manufacturers heat their oils to “purify”, removing all of the incredible nutrients. The Organica Rosehip Oil is cold pressed, meaning the oil is made in tightly monitored environments, the means the oil is much more powerful and effective.

6) Eat More Biotin Rich Foods

One of the most overlooked facts of any hair growth is internal nourishment, in order for hair to grow, be strong and shine beautifully - your body must be producing enough protein, especially B protein.

Luckily for us, foods rich in this essential protein and pretty cheap and easy to come by. For vegetarians, we suggest nuts like almonds, pecans and walnuts or rich foods like eggs, milk, cheese and avocados. Meat and fish eaters can benefit by eating pork, cooked liver, salmon and sardines.

Final Thoughts

So there you go, the top 6 natural and most effective ways to boost those beautiful brows.  We've already had hundreds of readers write in to say how this list has changed their lives so we strongly encourage you to give them a try. For anyone interested in learning more about the Organic Castor Oil or Organic Rosehip Oil, check out the links below.

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