Our New Foot Cream Is Like An At-Home "Natural Pedicure"

Our brilliant foot moisturizing cream has hit the US market this month, with users saying it's like an at-home "natural pedicure". It helps hydrate & soften the skin on your heels & feet in no time.

Made for Americans of all ages, our cream is the brainchild of our specialist US dermatologists who discovered a unique way to combine 4 moisturizing ingredients into a formula that actively penetrates deep into the skin.

These ingredients have previously been used individually to hydrate and soften skin, fighting dry, cracked heels and soles, but never before have they been combined into 1 effective, hydrating lotion with such impressive skin repairing properties.

Not only is our all-natural lotion great at softening dry heels & feet, it's also able to fight fungus and even stimulate healthy skin cells.


So, What's It Called?

Our lotion is called Organica Heel Defend and is quickly being regarded as 1 of the the most effective, all natural alternatives to harsh cosmetic treatments.

The cream itself is delightfully scented and formulated to absorb deep into the skin to hydrate from the inside out. Unlike traditional foot moisturizing lotions which add toxic compounds to their lotions, Organica's success stems from the use of 4 powerful, natural ingredients - something large corporations have never combined together (to save costs). Within each 100% natural tub of Organica's foot moisturizing lotion you'll find:

  • Premium Tea Tree Oil - To fight foot fungus at the source, removing dead skin cells.[2]

  • Aloe Vera - A natural antibacterial & anti-inflammatory, it's helps lock-in moisture.[3]

  • Safflower - Contains linoleic acid to stimulate the growth of new skin cells.[4]

  • Chamomile - An antifungal antioxidant it relieves sensitive, irritated skin.[5]

How To Order Organica's Heel Defend

To celebrate the recent launch of Heel Defend, you can now get the cream at 30% off (+ free shipping) which is a great way to try the product, especially when you combine it with out 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. That said, due to high demand, stock is running low so we cannot guarantee stock availability beyond today.

Click the button below to activate your 30% off discount for Organica’s Heel Defend.



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