Our New "Superfood Serum" Helps To Firm, Smooth & Rejuvenate Skin


Our brilliant Superfood Skin Firming serum has hit the US market this month, with users praising it for its ability to help diminish fine lines, while also hydrating & rejuvenating skin.

Made for Americans of all ages, the serum is the brainchild of our specialist US dermatologists who discovered the benefits of superfoods can be applied to your skin - directly! While millions of Americans are eating superfoods to get healthy, firm, clear skin, it's actually possible, and more than likely more beneficial, to apply these superfoods directly onto the skin. That's why we've combined these powerful moisturizing and skin firming superfoods, into a formula that actively penetrates deep into the skin.

These superfood ingredients have proven health benefits and have all been used individually to hydrate and soften skin, firming lines & wrinkles, but never before have they been combined into 1 effective serum with such impressive skin firming results.


So, What's It Called?

The product is called Organica Superfood Firming Serum and is quickly being regarded as 1 of the most effective non-surgical skin firming treatments in America. In fact, many users say they prefer it to expensive, painful treatments at the beauty salon!

The serum is formulated to absorb deep into the skin to hydrate & firm from the inside out. Unlike traditional skin treatments which add toxic compounds to their lotions, Organica's success stems from the use of natural ingredients that are proven to help rejuvenate skin, improve hydration & give it a youthful glow. Just some of the powerful ingredients include:

  • Tripeptide 5 - A peptide complex that has been shown to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (1)

  • Antioxidants - Boost your skin’s free-radical fighting power, protecting your skin from toxins and helping repair sun-damaged skin. (2)

  • Hyaluronic Acid - Imperative for moisture retention, but lacking in ageing skin, added Hyaluronic Acid super-boosts moisture retention. (3)

  • Vitamin C - A vital component of collagen, contributes to improved skin tone and texture, improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines. (4)

To celebrate the recent launch of Organica, you can now get the serum at 30% off which is a great way to try the product, especially with the 30 day money back guarantee offer as well (this week only). That said, due to high demand, stock is running low so we cannot guarantee stock availability beyond today

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