This Organic Oil Could Be "Natures Answer" To Hundreds Of Health Issues

Did you know castor oil has been used for centuries by people from all around the world to help boost the natural human healing process?1

That’s why here at Organica we’ve been working tirelessly to bring this incredible, natural formula to Americans nationwide as a cheap, effective, and healthy way to fight many different health issues.

We believe our powerful, organic castor oil could be “Natures Answer” to a long list of everyday health problems. Continue reading to discover what we believe the top 4 health benefits of this incredible oil are....

4 Amazing Benefits Of Using Castor Oil Daily

Teeming with natural fatty acids, cleansing antioxidants and inflammation reducing qualities that absorb quickly and easily through the skin, our pure castor oil could be 1 of nature’s greatest gifts for any beauty routine, with 4 prominent health benefits:

  1. Hydrating Skin from the deepest layers - Castor oil contains triglycerides that help maintain moisture levels in the skin & it also has humectant properties, meaning it can draw moisture from the air into the skin, making it useful in treating dry skin(2)

  2. Promoting scar softening - thanks to the skin softening properties of the fatty acids within the oil(3)

  3. Providing anti-inflammatory relief for sore muscles & joints - studies have shown for patients who were given castor oil, pain improved by 50% and stiffness by 48%(4)

  4. Helping to nourish weak & damaged hair - It contains ricinoleic acid which has been known to invigorate hair follicle growth(5)

Unfortunately, there are many “castor oil products” on the market that use the natural and longstanding reputation of the oil to sell low quality, impure & ineffective alternatives.

At Organica however, we have crafted a 100% organic, cold-pressed oil that locks in every ounce of goodness in the purest form possible.

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