Our Ultimate Foot Cleanse Kit Could Restore Damaged Nails & Cracked Heels 

Do you suffer from dry feet and cracked nails? Well our ultimate cleanse kit could be the answer for you...

Did you know that a shocking 44 million Americans suffer from cracked skin on their feet [1]. And that many of these people could be at risk from foot and toe nail infections, just by stepping outside? That’s why we have bundled our two strongest foot cleansing products together to end dry, cracked feet & toe nails… and you’re going to love it!



Our Cleanse Kit works on two unique fronts, the heel and toenails. Heel Defender soothes and smooths dried, cracked skin and is regarded as one of the most effective alternatives to harsh cosmetic treatments. Whereas Nail Guardian is designed to boost nail and skin health, and fight against toe nail fungus. Combined the two work together to heal, cleanse and nourish.

Benefits of Our Foot Cleanse Kit:

  • Softens Tough Feet -  Our Aloe Vera rich Heal Defender actively locks in moisture, allowing for maximum softening of the heal and foot.(2)

  • Soothes Inflamed Feet - thanks to the added chamomile, Heal Defender offers key anti-inflammatory properties.(3)

  • Protects by addition of tea tree, the anti bacterial oil helps cleanse & sanitize bacteria prone skin. (4)

  • Anti-Fungal - As a key ingredient in both products, tea tree provides powerful anti-fungal properties to both your toe nails & your feet. (5)

  • Strengthens Nails - a special blend of essential oils naturally strengthens weak, brittle nails by cleansing cuticles and hydrating the skin around your nails. (6)

To celebrate the recent launch of our Foot Cleanse Kit, you can now get the kit at 25% off which is a great way to try the product. That said, due to high demand, stock is running low so we cannot guarantee stock availability beyond today

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