Our New Foot Cream Could Be The Answer To Cracked Heels. Here's Why!

Hi there,

Do you suffer from dry feet and cracked heels? Well you’re not alone…

The National Foot Health Assessment showed that over 44 million Americans suffer from cracked skin on their feet [1]. That’s 20% of the adult population! When we heard this staggering statistic we set about finding a natural solution…

Our team of dermatologists in the US paired up with holistic health experts to put a range of powerful natural ingredients to the test. The result was a revolutionary cream formulated with 4 natural ingredients, each of which has an incredible effect on human skin.

The cream has already shown to be incredibly effective, even on the worst cracked heels. It’s able to help restore damaged skin, fight fungus and even stimulate healthy skin cells.


So, What's It Called?

This powerful formulation is called The Heel Defend and is quickly being regarded as the most effective, all natural alternative to harsh cosmetic treatments.

The cream itself is delightfully scented and sinks in just like your favorite moisturizer. The four key ingredients are:

  • Premium Tea Tree Oil to actively fight foot fungus at the source.[2]

  • Aloe Vera a natural healer, to lock in moisture and reduce inflammation.[3]

  • Safflower to soften rough patches of skin and stimulate new skin cell generation.[4]

  • Chamomile a natural antiseptic and antibacterial, to keep infection at bay.[5]

To celebrate the recent launch of Heel Defend, you can now get the cream at 30% off which is a great way to try the product. That said, due to high demand, stock is running low so we cannot guarantee stock availability beyond today

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