So, What Makes Our 13 Minute Sleep Routine Work So Well? The Lotion & Oil!

Many of you might be wondering how all these elements of our method work together. So let's go through it!

The first step of boiling the bananas releases the magnesium and potassium in the fruit which has a potent relaxing effect on the body. The unique body lotion in step 3 utilises a number of sleep promoting essential oils like lavender and cedar wood to further calm the body via absorption through the skin & nose.

And the oil roller? With a similar ingredient profile as the lotion, our “Pure Rest” roller is a more concentrated, oil based version of the lotion which when applied to the temple and around the nose - enhances the overall “sleepy effect”. When paired with the banana tea - these two sleep aids could have you drifting off to sleep in no time!


What Exactly is In The Lotion & Roller?

Within the lotion & roller are a selection of ethically sourced, natural ingredients including:

  • Lavender Oil, Water & Flowers can calm the nervous system & promote relaxation whilst adding a delightful calming scent.(1)

  • Bergamot Oil has been proven to encourage the production of natural relaxation hormones in the brain. (2)

  • Cedarwood Oil has been shown in studies to have a sedative effects on your mind when inhaled. (3)

  • Clary Sage is an anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial mineral, cleansing the skin while easing muscle tension.

  • Almond Oil conditions & moisturises skin and is packed with Vitamin E.

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*Verified review showing users preference for lotion over sleeping pills found here - https://bit.ly/2KK6M9O