This 100% organic skin-cleansing oil could help fight acne, blemishes & scars, while also promoting healthy, clear skin.

Developed by leading skin experts, the brilliant serum is specifically designed to boost your skin’s ability to fight acne & scarring, while also tightening and hydrating the skin - and it’s 100% cold-pressed & organic.

Due to the formula’s unbelievably high content of fatty acids, antioxidants and essential vitamins, it’s the perfect way to protect your skin and help it regenerate at a cellular level.


So, What's It Called?

The Organica Rosehip Seed Oil is a 100% organic skin-boosting serum that is made entirely from organic, carefully picked rosehip seeds.

As opposed to chemical-driven creams and most scarring serums, Organica Rosehip Seed Oil only uses holistic, cold-pressed ingredients to maximise the positive benefits it can have on your skin, including:

  • Protect & Strengthen against free radicals & environmental damage with Vitamins A, C, E & Lycopene(1)

  • Repair & Restore damaged or aging tissue (including scars & stretch marks) with fatty acids that are key to collagen regeneration(2)

  • Anti-Inflammatory for a fast-acting solution to soothe any blemishes or redness, including any caused by acne or rosacea(3)

  • Anti-Oxidant & Astringent to fight oxidisation & instantly give your skin a firming lift(3)

  • 100% Organic & Cold-Pressed to make sure every ounce of oil is packed with skin-boosting nutrients(3)

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