Our New Shampoo Bar Can Help Hair Grow Stronger and Longer, And Leave You Feeling Relaxed and Calm!

Hi there,

A US research team has developed an incredible solid shampoo that can help nourish your scalp, protect the lengths of your hair from breakage, and promote the growth of longer, healthier hair! Scientifically formulated with a blend of natural and powerful essential oils, this new solid shampoo bar will leave your hair nourished and healthy and your scalp free of product build-up.

Perhaps even more interesting, is that this shampoo bar can help you relax, unwind and feel calmer after just one use! Wash your hair, and drift into a deeper and more restful sleep.

So, What's It Called?

The product is called Organica ‘Sleepy Head’ Shampoo Bar, and is quickly being regarded as a natural and travel-friendly alternative to heavy liquid shampoos. In fact, many users say they prefer it to traditional shampoo and have quickly made the switch to a solid shampoo bar instead!

The bar itself is delightfully scented, and aids relaxation and rest thanks to its combination of lavender, citrus and jojoba essential oils. The ingredients have been selected to:


  • Lavender Oil, Water & Flowers helps promote hair growth, as well as relax the mind and body and reduce stress. (1)

  • Lemon & Lime Essential Oil add shine to the hair, and are antimicrobial meaning they prevent the growth of any bacteria or fungus, improving scalp health and keeping dandruff at bay. (2)

  • Jojoba Essential Oil an incredibly rich moisturizer which nourishes the lengths of your hair, protecting against dryness, breakage and split ends.(3)

To celebrate the launch of this amazing new product, you can now get the Shampoo Bar at 30% off, which is a great way to try the product. That said, due to high demand, stock is running low, so we cannot guarantee availability beyond today!


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*Verified review showing users preference for lotion over sleeping pills found here - https://bit.ly/2KK6M9O